Challenge #1 – Auto-fill company information on the customer card

As a new customer is entered in Dynamics 365 Business Central, the user can decide to enter a domain name instead of the name, which leads to the system looking up the information for the company associated with this domain name from a Web Service and filling out the remaining fields on the customer card with information obtained from the Web Service. 

Expected result

Click image to see animation:Challenge #1


To complete this challenge, you will need:


  • Create an empty app
  • Create a page extension for the customer card
  • On the OnAfterValidate trigger on the Name field, check whether the entered value is a domain name
  • Ask the user whether he wants to lookup information about the company associated with this domain name
  • Call the fullcontact Web API and assign field values


  • In VS Code, use Ctrl+Shift+P and type AL GO and remove the customerlist page extension
  • Use the tpageext snippet
  • Use string.EndsWith to check whether the name is a domain name
  • Use the Confirm method to ask whether the user want to download info
  • Use HttpClient to communicate with the Web Service
  • Use Json types (JsonObjectJsonTokenJsonArray and JsonValue) to extract values from the Web Service result

Cheat Sheets


Freddy Kristiansen

Passwords: Nano9225, Rawy1542, Kaze4177, Syco9004

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